machine learning and
data science experts

Bring cutting-edge tools and
real-time insight to your organization.


An intuitive user experience
for your customers, employees, and

We Get Your Systems
to Talk to Each Other

Whether you're looking to tie
information together from your talent management system,
CRM tool, project management application,
or that thing that Bob built,
we can make it happen.

We Solve Hard Problems

We supply a turnkey Team-in-a-Box with integrated technical Subject Matter Experts, developers, project management, analysis, and quality assurance to solve your company's most challenging puzzles. Give us a call to find out more.

Machine Learning

Apply predictive models to huge data sets, and use Artificial Intelligence to recognize objects and patterns.

Data Science

Clean up messy data, uncover patterns, and gain insight into your data.

Real-time Data Processing

Use cloud-based data stream processing to wrangle your info in real-time.

Systems Integration

Eliminate the boundaries that exist between your systems and your data.

Enterprise Portals

Build personalized views into your data for employees, partners, and customers.

Custom Development

Create new systems to meet your specific business goals.


Knowledgeable, efficient, professional,
great to work with.
They get it done!

- Julie Rogers, ESCO CORPORATION -

Delivery Models


Hand off deliverables to a cohesive team that includes a project manager, analysts, testers, designers, and developers to handle your project from end-to-end.


Quickly add qualified resources to your existing team for a set number of days, weeks, or months without the burden or risk associated with hiring a dedicated employee.


Pair an on-site Project Management team with a capable offshore software development center in central or eastern Europe for a fraction of the cost of traditional staffing.

Why Partner with Synergy?

Trade a Fixed Expense for a Variable Expense

If you've got a web application or software project that's only going to run for a few months or a year, why hire a full-time employee or bring in expensive on-site contractors? Give us a call, and we'll spin up an experienced software team for you to use on-demand. We can include project managers and business analysts, or you can supply your own.

Benefit from the Global Economy

This isn't the outsourcing of a decade ago. Our team is ISO 9008 Certified, ensuring that we're delivering exactly the software or application you've tasked us to build - every time. We've achieved advanced specializations with multiple partners from Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and Oracle - so there's a very good chance we already have the person or team you need.

Stop Guessing Demand for Your Development Needs

By partnering with Synergy, you have a burstable development capacity at your fingertips. With a call or an email, we can task anything from a single part-time developer to a dedicated full-time team of 50 or more, with integrated project management and quality assurance. Let us handle the HR and logistics, so you can focus on running your business.

Increase Speed and Agility

We reduce the time it takes for you to onboard new IT resources from weeks to hours. The ability to quickly add a business analyst, project manager, or development resource to your team translates to a dramatic increase in agility for your organization.

Reduce Monthly Spend on Payroll, Benefits, Office Space, and Equipment

Focus your fixed monthly spend on essential components that differentiate your business instead of expensive on-site contractors and developers. Let us do the heavy lifting of screening and hiring qualified developers, fitting out office space, performing Human Resources activities, taking care of payroll and benefits, and provisioning equipment.


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